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Yes, I’m doing this Mooc too. About how we can develop creativity in our lives. I made a lot of creative activities, first to imagine and to ensure my chances. So the first step when you identify clearly your idea, your project, is the exploration step. In this first moment you have to choose the main ideas that make possible the final goal. Here we can use a lot of creative activities to develop ideas: brainstorming, random stimulus, SCAMPER… There are a lot of them. But you have to know which kind of creative person you are, your creative style if you adapt to the world or you take risks, if you follow the rules or you love to be impulsive and a bit rebel. Just take these techniques and think about it to make your dreams come true. You can try with creative exercises like making a paper tower, or recycling something, or making a bold defiance act.

So in my learning way through this Mooc I try a little project for myself. About improving my English language skills, to learn more about code, about using Ipads at school and about gamification for education.

First I identify my goals, my explanation step. Then I design a plan thinking about what I do to make it possible. For this I share this Infographic. Please wait it to load, be patient.

You have to wait to see the end of this project. The last steps are: experimentation, evaluation and reflection.

Of course, I start making it possible even doing this Mooc, so the experimentation step is already going on. But I can only guess the result in a large period of time to make an overall assessment possible. And talking about the reflection it is also now ongoing.

See you soon with more creativity.

Best regards

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